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While we all need to use digital platforms and services for our everyday lives, let us not forget that it is only words that are the fuel that powers the internet. We have not read or written as much as we have in the past few years than ever before. Today writing matters more than anything else because everyone needs content, and content starts with an idea, then a script. Do check out our specially curated writing courses catered for all businesses, industries, and professions. We welcome the youth to join our programs which will help in securing good writing jobs.

Digitally upskill yourself and stay ahead of the competition today! Google knows that the best form of Digital Marketing is Content Marketing – Writing. The more blogs and social media posts we write and post, the better our products and brands will be found and seen on Search Engines. It is only through the power of Words. We use keywords and keyphrases to find anything on Search Engines today. This is why writing and the words we choose to use in our articles have become the single most important thing to market or sell anything online today.

At The School Of Digital Advertising, we are able to teach you both – words and visuals, to create content and copy that engages your target audience. Our Writing Courses are also suitable for writers who wish to venture into digital writing to cater to the growing demand of Content Writers for Digital Marketing sought after by companies and businesses anywhere.

Every company needs a trained resident writer to write, create and post content for the company on a daily basis. If a company does not post something regularly on the internet, that brand or company will be buried under billions of other websites, never to be seen by anybody. This is the importance and necessity of writing and posting regularly on the internet so that our products and services show up on Search Engines when people search using the same keywords that we have used in our articles and posts. Now we see the importance of a trained resident Copywriter for companies.

Ideally, every company should hire a writer who will absorb the company’s culture and be able to write better copy and content than a hired writer who may not fully understand our company’s philosophies, values, and culture. After all, Google has stated that blogs with original content or writing shall rank highly on its search engine (SEO) making this ancient skill, writing, the best digital marketing strategy there is, as it helps drive traffic and sales to our websites.

If you would like to learn how to write for posts and blogs, please check out our Online Courses.

By Joy Nandy

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