The Difference Between Copywriting & Content Writing

The difference between Copywriting and Content Writing -

You may be wondering, “What’s the difference between Copywriting & Content Writing?”, and the answer may have eluded you so far. This question has been asked by many of our enquirers over time. So I thought that I would write a blog on it as it is also something very interesting to know.

Let us start with a little history on these two.

Copywriting is quite old. It has been used from the beginning of time. Any words used to basically “advertise” something or someone, is Copywriting. This dates back to the time when our home addresses were not digits as they are today, but the occupants’ names. For an example, a simple sign hanging outside someone’s door saying, “John”, is the address of that particular house. It is a form of advertising to others of who lives in that house. This was also the first method of Advertising.

I mentioned this example only to show you how long Advertising and Copywriting have been around. Now let’s discuss the modern-day Content Writing.

Content Writing is a new kind of writing and term. It did not exist before and built its existence successfully in the digital stratosphere. Content Writing is different from Copywriting and is used mainly for Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing, under the great big world of Digital Marketing.

The Difference Between Copywriting & Content Writing

Copywriting is used to write copy to “Sell” products and services. We use Copywriting to develop advertisements that are meant to sell products and services.

Content Writing is to “Inform”. It is usually used in website copy, blogs, and other online articles. Content Writing is also used to help websites rank well on search engines through the use of Keywords and Keyphrases within the article that people search. It is a special kind of modern writing that everyone should learn to succeed in Digital Marketing.

So, in short:



So there you have it in simple terms. Oh! I must tell you, though, that the rules of Copywriting and Content Writing differ significantly in use, yet overlaps each other in theory and function. This is what makes the study of these 2 types of writing very interesting. These are the only 2 types of Sales & Marketing Writing needed for any kind of traditional and digital marketing today.

They Are Marketing in Push & Pull Strategies

Copywriting and Content Writing work in opposite directions. Here’s another difference:

Copywriting is Outbound Marketing

Copywriting is used as part of an advertisement to sell something. So, even when we are not looking for such a product, we may still see those ads. So, this is known as “Outbound Marketing”. When someone is reaching out to us to sell something.

Content Writing is Inbound Marketing

As already explained, when we use the appropriate Keywords and Keyphrases in our blog articles, tags, and website’s copy and meta descriptions, our articles and website shall be found easily when prospective customers use those same “Keywords and Keyphrases” on Search Engines to find us. Now because the searcher has “searched” for something on the internet to find us, this is known as “Inbound Marketing”. When traffic comes to our website organically (not by paid ads), that’s Inbound Marketing.

This is why every marketer and business owner should learn these two types of writing, and also some basic graphic design, which are all available through these online courses now.

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Article submitted by trainer Joy Nandy – Founder of the School Of Digital Advertising

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