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If you are living and working anywhere in Malaysia and are looking for HRDF Claimable Online Courses in Copywriting and Content Writing – Your search ends here. And what’s more, these are also the ONLY Online Copywriting and Content Writing Courses that come with Live Coaching by the Trainer at NO additional cost – Not available in most other online courses (so there’s no need to Search anymore?).

The School Of Digital Advertising has the ONLY HRDF Claimable Courses in Malaysia. Now you can acquire this great and rare knowledge easily from where ever you are online – and affordably too. Participants will be awarded with Certificates upon successful completion of the course. These Online Courses are developed based on the School’s physical class structure for a better, more immersive learning experience.

What is unique about these Online Courses:

The contents of these online courses are what makes them unique compared to the others on offer. Here’s what you will enjoy in these online courses:

  1. Full Video Lessons
  2. Complete Slides Deck
  3. Done-for-You Templates
  4. Beginner’s Writing Guides
  5. Assignments
  6. Questions
  7. Personalised and live coaching by the trainer on your assignment – No other online Copywriting or Content Writing Course offers this.

These online courses are developed on the same structure and delivery as the face-to-face classes so that online learners can enjoy the same learning experience as physical classes with interactivity with the trainer.

Developed for the Malaysian Market

There are many Online Copywriting Courses available online, but most of them are made by the West, and some of their explanations and topics are not relevant to Malaysia, and sometimes it is also difficult to understand them.

Further, what may be popular and current in the West may not be so in Malaysia. Hence, their lessons may not be apt for Malaysia as compared to learning Copywriting from a Malaysian who has worked as a Copywriter in Malaysia for more than 30 years. You will learn exactly what is needed to market products and services successfully in Malaysia.

HRDF Claimable Online Courses

The School Of Digital Advertising is a HRDF Registered Training Provider. The HRDF now allows Contributors to claim staff training for online courses. Hence, company staff can learn this much needed Copywriting and Content Writing knowledge which is crucial for Digital Marketing success in 2021 easily online.

Should you wish to register for any of these courses, simply send an email to – so that we can prepare your HRDF Claim documents for your submission.

Course Details & Registration

For Course details on these proven Online Copywriting and Content Writing Courses, please visit the Home Page, or view them somewhere on this Page. Should you wish to register for any of these courses, simply send an email to – so that we can prepare your HRDF Claim documents for you. Thank you.

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