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Been there. Done that. Learn from people who have already walked the path and are now able to share their experience and knowledge in easy-to-understand short courses.

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Founder | Trainer | Author
Joy Nandy is the Master Trainer of several Writing and Advertising courses at the Prestigious School Of Digital Advertising. He is also its founder and course developer. He is your instructor for this online course. With 35 years of experience in Traditional and Digital Copywriting, Advertising & Marketing, it is the founder’s belief that every effort to market or advertise online shall end with the ability to “Write”. It is with this belief that the School and its courses were created, because “Words Sell” and the internet survives on Words. He now offers his normal popular face-to-face courses online for interested learners to access easily and affordably from any part of the world.
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Creative Design Trainer
Deborah has been teaching participants Advertisement & Post Design within the Copywriting courses. Her explanations are simple and easy for all to understand. Deborah herself has been self-taught on these softwares and apps, and is now able to provide shortcuts to participants.