Importance of An Advertising Budget for Your New Business

All too often in my career as an advertising and marketing counsellor, I have come across many business owners who have come up with some great product or service ideas, and they spent all their money or investments in product development and left none for marketing. This can be the cause of failure. Having a great product is very good, but if no one knows about it and no one buys it, then the business cannot take flight.

In my career and life, I have met many people including clients who do not put aside some money for marketing and advertising purposes, and this can be risky. When I was working at an ad agency before (DDB), there was a line that was commonly used in the office – “You are sitting in a dark room with the most beautiful woman in the world. You are winking at her, but she doesn’t know it.” They equate not advertising a product to line above, meaning – only you know what you are doing, but no one else.

Therefore, if you wish to attract someone’s attention, you will have to reach out to him or her, in this case, your target audience. Shine a light on your product – advertise it. Bring some attention to it. For this, you should always put aside a decent budget for your marketing and advertising expenses so that you can tell people about your products or services and where they can find them. Many entrepreneurs and inventors get so caught up with their ideas and invest most of their investment into the product, leaving nothing to market the product later. Because of the lack of importance placed on advertising and a budget for it, many promising businesses have failed, sadly.

The School Of Digital Advertising was formed to help business owners take charge of their own marketing and advertising needs which will help save them lots of money on designers’ or advertising agency fees, which can be expensive for a new business. The business owner stands to benefit when he learns how to market his own company at anytime at a fraction of a third-party designer’s fee.

If you do not have a large advertising budget to launch your products and ideas, why not invest a little of your time to acquire the knowledge that will last you a lifetime? You may register for a course yourself or send a staff or two to be trained – the investment can be less than a digital marketing agency’s first invoice (of the many to come).

Hence, it is good to either learn marketing and advertising know-how and skills or keep aside some money for this expenditure to launch your business or company. And marketing is an ongoing thing that you will constantly need. When you learn these skills, you will be able to meet the fast-paced marketing world of Digital Marketing – where everything happens. You will be able to create your Facebook and other social media posts as and when you need them and not dictated by someone else (the agency/writer). You will be able to work fast and get things done and communicated just the way you want them to be.

With these design and writing skills that we teach at The School Of Digital Advertising, you will be able to design posts to test the ‘desirability’ of your products or services with your audiences and get a feedback, before you continue to spend more money on product development or on advertisements. This can help with creating your product validation which is the most vital information you need for a new product or idea, and investors bank on this information before they invest in a company. They want to know if people like your product enough to want to buy them. So if you are short on advertising budget, learn ways you can market your products for free and do it yourself. We are here to help you in your business journey.

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