How to write your website copy: Should we use “We” or “You”?✏️

Many companies and individuals think that a website is about telling the world about ourselves, but actually it’s for the world to find something they are searching – for themselves ? ?

So we should quickly address their needs by turning the dialogue on our website from “We” to “You”:

What can we do for you, please?

I have what you’re searching for.

Your search for great XYZ ends here ✔️

The above could be some of the words we can use to greet people when they land on our website pages so that they know, up front, that they have found what they have been searching for. If a visitor does not find what s/he is looking for as soon as they come to a website, they will leave and keep searching until they find it.

Notify visitors quickly

We should explain, on the first instance, and in bold, that they have found exactly what they are “searching” for with us, or they will bounce and keep searching.

Website visitors are potential buyers

Remember, they are searching – so we must tell them that their search is over asap (not talk about ourselves – they are not looking for that info initially). Put the “we” talk in the About Us page, and only there ✏️

Website is Marketing Ammunition

The rest of the website’s pages are considered as Sales Pages, or Marketing Ammo, and must be used to convince visitors in every way, through search engine optimised copy, photos & videos, to buy our product by highlighting the product “benefits” & not features (the most common mistake made).

Why use “You”

Because our website visitors are usually individuals, when we use You, it becomes a personalised conversation, and that converts better.

Using Keywords in your copy

✅ Say we deal with Floral Printed Canvas Shoes. So the first thing someone who enters and searches that Keyphrase wants to see on a website, could be : Grab These Top Quality Floral Printed Canvas Shoes Today – Free Delivery.

❌ They would not want to see this: We are an Award Winning company of Top Quality Floral Printed Canvas Shoes. Please watch our video to see our quality production process. We have also been awarded the highest award by the Queen of England ?

Is this what we want to see when we search for things online ourselves? And we use search engines only when we want to find something we want. We almost never search for Award Winning companies ?

A website should fulfil a Search intent.” – Joy Nandy

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