How To Become A Copywriter In Malaysia: Why In-House & Freelance Copywriters Should Learn Graphic Design in 2024?

how to become copywriter in malaysia

The Digital World has changed everything for us Copywriters.

Never in my time have I seen this many advertisements seeking Copywriters as now.

Because of Do-It-Yourself Advertising media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Google, and others, today anyone can post marketing materials online easily, and so are companies.

Once upon a time, Copywriters would only be hired by Advertising Agencies. However, today, just about every company needs an in-house Copywriter to write their Social Media posts and blogs on a regular basis. These mentioned activities are crucial to businesses. In the digital age, it is important to post content online often.

But here’s the thing…

A social media post or advertisement and blogs need images to accompany the words. No piece of content can be achieved without some form of visual. Whilst the Copywriter may come up with the words, but who will design the social media post that the world shall see and be mesmerised?

This is why, in this Digital Age, it is important for Copywriters, especially in-house and freelance Copywriters, to learn some basic Graphic Design and Photography skills.

These skills will not only raise the value of a Copywriter but will also be very useful and valuable to any company such a Copywriter works with.

Just imagine 2 Copywriters attending the same interview.

Both writers are able to write well, and have great portfolios to show… but just one of them is able to also design her or his own ads and posts. Who do you think will get the job?

This is the same with freelance Copywriters. Learning Graphic Design and Photography skills can help get you more sales because a client will be able to save cost.

Nowadays, there are many easy-to-use free graphic design websites out there such as Canva. For Photoshop enthusiasts, there is now a web and free version of this software called “Photopea“. They both have free and paid options. The free options are more than enough for beginners.

In fact, we design most of our posts on Canva and Photopea, just have a browse.

When it comes to writing blogs, a Copywriter can access free, high-quality photos and graphics from and Like these, there are thousands of other tools and apps out there that can help a writer become her or his own advertising agency.

These are the skills I have learned, and I teach participants these secrets in my courses.

I wish you every success in your learning curve.

If you need any advice, please do email me at

– Joy Nandy, Founder

PS. The School Of Digital Advertising’s Copywriting Course incorporates Graphic Design as part of the course. This is the ONLY Copywriting course that includes Graphic Design – because words have to be accompanied by visuals.

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