How Can I Become a Copywriter in Malaysia in 2024?

How Can I Become a Copywriter in Malaysia in 2021

There is no one particular way on how to become a Copywriter in Malaysia, or anywhere in the world, for that matter. Nor is there is specific qualification for a Copywriter’s position.


Many recruiters request a qualification in Journalism for a Copywriter’s position. However, it is important to know that Report Writing (used in Journalism) is not at all similar to Copywriting. They are quite opposite to each other, actually. One uses The Pyramid Writing Style (Copywriting) whilst the other, The Inverted Pyramid Writing Style (Journalism). Recruiters should make themselves aware of this difference, and write recruitment ads that are more relevant to the applicants skills and abilities. Also, it is very difficult to gauge an applicant’s creativity through paper qualifications.


Nonetheless, whether you are looking to start a career in Copywriting for yourself or to work for others, the following are 5 Copywriting Actionable Tips on how you can start on your journey to becoming a Copywriter.


How Can I Become a Copywriter in Malaysia:


1. Read a lot of books


A successful and good Copywriter is one who is a reservoir of words, sentences, and expressions. This makes sure that the Copywriter never gets stuck finding the right word or expression to use while writing any kind of copy. This translates to good work, done on time – which is crucial in this business. Therefore, by reading a lot and regularly, a person can develop a huge vocabulary. In any kind of writing, a large vocabulary is the key to success.


2. Write a lot


Practice writing a lot. Write as often as you can, and on a variety of subjects and topics. However, it is important to note that Copywriting is not ordinary writing. Copywriting is used specifically for Sales or to create Awareness. Copywriting is used specifically in Advertisements. One tip you can use is to study all the advertisements around you. Pay attention to the headlines, and memorise the ones you like. Pay attention also to the advertisement’s layout, fonts, and colours used on ads. This observation of general advertisements around will help in drawing you closer into this industry as it will slowly start to create more interest in you.



3. Sketch, draw, or learn Graphic Design


Copywriting is used for advertisements, and all advertisements are accompanied by an image. This helps make advertisements more attractive to grab the attention of readers. Though in an Advertising Agency, a Copywriter will not need to do any design work, because this shall be done by a Graphic Designer, but what if you need to develop ads for your own business? It is at times such as these that some basic knowledge of creative design will go a long way, and help save you tons of money. In any event, the Copywriter has to see if the copy gels well in the overall layout of the advertisements. If a Copywriter also has some basic design skills, then this Copywriter will be more sought-after than the rest because employers want this combination of skills set. The Online Copywriting Course developed by Joy Nandy, has Graphic Design embedded in his Copywriting course. It is the only Copywriting course with design and is suitable for beginners.


4. Build a Portfolio of Works


When applying for a job as a Copywriter, either as a newbie or experienced one, interviewers for most creative positions would prefer to see the kind of work the candidate can produce instead of any other kind of qualification. When applying for a Copywriting job or offering Copywriting services, people want to see if the Copywriter can write. Therefore, traditionally, a portfolio of your works is more important and relevant than a qualification that is not connected to Copywriting, may work better. Here’s a tip when applying for a Copywriter’s post. Develop an extensive portfolio of all your work. You can build a portfolio by posting all your writing samples, advertisement designs, and posts to a social media page that you manage. Employers will try to gauge your creative sense through your work. This is also useful when trying to solicit clients directly for your Copywriting services. You can refer clients to view this page for samples of your work. This is the only way to do this – a Portfolio.


5. Learn Copywriting the right way


Today, the demand for Copywriters and Content Writers is on the rise. Many companies need Writers for their social media posts, ads, and blogs (though Blog Writing is not Copywriting – it is Content Writing). Therefore, a good and short Copywriting course can benefit any wanna-be Copywriter immensely. Earning a Certificate on the subject can also help with jobs and clients, alike. Choose a Copywriting course that covers the fundamentals of Marketing, Advertising, and Copywriting. Ideally, find a Copywriting course that not only teaches EVERYTHING you need to know, but one that also teaches you some useful basic Graphic Design skills. These are all the skills you need to write and develop your own advertisements and social media posts by yourself. A short Copywriting course that covers the topic in totality is better than a degree in a totally different discipline.

So, if you want to become a Copywriter, you can start off by carrying out the 5 Actionable Copywriting Tips recommended here.


By Joy Nandy – Founder of The School Of Digital Advertising (33 Years Copywriting Experience)


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