Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions pertaining to this website. If you have a question that is not covered here, please feel free to email us.

For Learners

Do you award Certificates after successful completion of the courses?

Yes, we do.

If I fail to finish the course within the duration given, may I extend it?

Yes, you may. But you will have to send us an email please.

How can I pay for this online course?

We use the trusted PayPal Payment Gateway. You may simply use any credit or debit card and pay online. You can immediately access your course after successful payment.

If I do not do well the first time, may I repeat the course?

Yes you can. One time more.

What format are your online courses delivered?

Courses are in pre-recorded video format and slides presentations. Courses also include useful Worksheets and Assignments.

What's the difference between Copywriting & Content Writing?

Copywriting is used to write copy to “Sell” products and services. We use Copywriting to develop advertisements which are meant to sell products and services.

Content Writing is to “Inform”. It is usually used in website copy, blogs, and other online articles. Content Writing is also used to help websites rank well on search engines through the use of Keywords and keyphrases within the article’s text. It is a special kind of modern writing that anyone should learn to succeed in Digital Marketing.

So, in short:



Are your courses technical? I'm not very good with technical things.

No. Our courses may sound technical, but they are completely creative and enjoyable. Simply read the reviews.

Are your courses difficult to understand?

No. We have used simple English language and explanations to explain these subjects so participants of various backgrounds may understand them easily.

What level are your courses?

Beginner to Intermediate.

I don't live in Malaysia, but I would like my Certificate mailed to me, is it possible?

Yes, sure. However, you will have to bear the mailing charges.