Copywriting for Beginners

Online Copywriting Course for Beginners
  • Instructor: Joy Nandy
  • Lectures: 14
  • Quizzes: 1
  • Students: 42
  • Duration: 7 days

Online Copywriting Course for Beginners – Write Like A Professional Copywriter & Sell Better


In this Online Copywriting Course for Beginners you will learn the rules for writing sales copy for advertisements and promotional materials – as the professionals do it at advertising agencies. You will also learn the secrets to writing copy that engages with your target audiences, and the common mistakes people make when writing ads who do not have this knowledge. The course includes Advertising Principles and Advertisement/Post Design to make the lessons comprehensive. You always need an image to accompany your words to make a complete piece of content. This is what makes this Copywriting Course different from any out there. You need to learn to design an advertisement or post so that you have something that you can use for sales & marketing immediately after the course.


Hands-On Course

The School Of Digital Advertising has specially created this course which is also exclusive to it, for the benefit of people who wish to market and sell online and offline successfully. It is created by Advertising Agency Practitioners, and the course is delivered in a practical format ready for application. Participants will also have a chance to write sales copy during the course to promote their company’s products and services during the Practical Assignment section. Many companies have benefitted from this as they got to write copy within the course and have the trainer assess the copy which they used for their advertisements after the course. In other words, participants will have an experienced Copywriter and Creative Director who can help guide them to write actual promotional copy (not mock copy) that participants can actually use for their advertisements immediately to run successful ads after the course.


Words Rule the Net

The internet survives on wordsGoogle, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and all other Digital Marketing platforms are only about words and text; sales and marketing communication are about words, and finally, all our daily interactions, are also about words. See how important words are?

This is Copywriting – the ability and flexibility to write on a variety of subjects whether to sell or inform. This is the true and inherent power of Marketing. Be a Wordsmith and make a lot of sales online and offline through better Copywriting.




The following is this online course’s details:

• Duration: 7 Days

• Delivery: Online

• Course Format: Pre-recorded videos & slides

• Worksheets: Provided

• Assignment: Yes

• Assessment of Assignment: Yes

• Certification: Awarded by the Institution



In this Online Copywriting Course, you will learn:











Upon successful completion of this course, you will be awarded an e-Certificate from the Prestigious School Of Digital Advertising.


Online Course Sample e-Certificate from the Institute:



Read what others have said about this course. Reviews from participants from Petronas and Sime Darby Property included. These participants attended our classroom-based course, however, we have tried our best to provide the same offline course structure in this online course so that you too can benefit in the same way as our offline students.


Online students shall receive a certificate upon successful completion of the course

About the Trainer

The trainer for this course is Joy Nandy (in the photos above). He is also the founder of The Prestigious School Of Digital Advertising. Joy Nandy is the Master Trainer of several Writing and Advertising courses at the School Of Digital Advertising. He also personally develops courses that are useful for learners. With 30 years of experience in Traditional and Digital Advertising & Marketing, it is the founder’s belief that every effort to market or advertise online shall end with the ability to “write”. It is with this belief that the school and its courses were created, because “Words Sell” and the internet survives on Words. His courses were previously only offered offline, but due to the pandemic, these exclusive courses are now offered online for everyone to access and gain. This is your trainer’s full profile.


  • Overview 0/1

    In this section we'll show you how this course has been structured and how to get the most out of it. We'll also show you how to solve the exercises and submit your assignments.

  • Copywriting Slides 0/1

    This is your comprehensive Copywriting slide deck that you will refer to while listening to the video lessons in the next section.

  • Copywriting Video Lessons 0/9

    Please watch this series of videos. These are your complete Copywriting lessons.

  • Advertisement Design Workshop 0/1

    Advertisement & Post Design Video Workshop. In this section, you will learn how to design digital advertisements easily by watching a video. Copywriting must go with an advertisement design. This is a free website for graphic design work that can help you design anything easily and quickly, and anyone can do it.

  • Copywriting Course Questions 0/1

    Please answer the following questions correctly:

  • Copywriting Worksheets & Assignment 0/1

    In this section, you will be given your course Worksheets and Assignments to complete. Please study this material thoroughly before starting.


    Details on how to complete your course

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Joy Nandy is the Master Trainer of several Writing and Advertising courses at the Prestigious School Of Digital Advertising. He is also its founder and course developer. He is your instructor for this online course. With 33 years of experience in Traditional and Digital Copywriting, Advertising & Marketing, it is the founder’s belief that every effort to market or advertise online shall end with the ability to “Write”. It is with this belief that the School and its courses were created, because “Words Sell” and the internet survives on Words. He now offers his normal popular face-to-face courses online for interested learners to access easily and affordably from any part of the world.


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