Copywriting & Content Writing Masterclass

Copywriting & Content Writing Online Course

Copywriting & Content Writing Masterclass


    In this section we'll show you how this course has been structured and how to get the most out of it. We'll also show you how to solve the exercises and submit your assignments.

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    Please watch this series of videos. These are your complete Copywriting lessons.

  • Graphic Design Workshop 0/1

    Advertisement & Post Design Video Workshop. In this section, you will learn how to design digital advertisements. Copywriting must go with an advertisement design. This is a simple app that can help you design anything easily and quickly, and anyone can do it.

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    In this section we'll show you how this course has been structured and how to get the most out of it.

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    Details on how to complete your course

Introduction to this Online Copywriting Course

Developed by the School Of Digital Advertising, this course covers the exact knowledge and topics required for you to create your own social media posts and advertisement design complete with copywriting.


The following is the online Course Structure – it is designed for quick dissemination of essential knowledge and simplicity:



  1. Please watch the Video
  2. Follow the slides during the video presentation (you may: 1. Open the video and slides on 2 different browsers, 2. Watch the video first and then read the slides)
  3. Slides information and further explanations are available within this online course, please refresh your memory as you will need to answer a few questions later
  4. There are 5 questions in this course that you will need to answer correctly
  5. There are some Worksheets attached for you to Download. These Worksheets shall help as a good guide to writing professional Copy
  6. You can Submit your assignment and attach any file within this website (the system supports various types of file upload).


Please proceed to class now.