Content Writing for Beginners

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Content Writing for Beginners

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Introduction to this Online Content Writing Course for Beginners

Developed by the School Of Digital Advertising, this course covers the exact knowledge and topics required for you to write website and blog content that is optimised to be found on Search Engines (SEO), and to rank high on Search Engines. The objective is to use the relevant Keywords and Keyphrases in your content so that Search Engines can find your website when people search for your product or service.

For an example, in our website,, we have used the relevant Keywords and Keyphrases that people would use to find our courses in our website’s SEO tags and Meta Descriptions. After doing some “Keywords Research”, we found that people use this Keyphrase to look for Content Writing courses, which is, “Content Writing Course Malaysia”. So, we incorporated this Keyphrase into our website’s SEO Tags and Meta Descriptions. Now, when people search using the above Keyphrase, they will find our website. You can give it a try before you start this course.

Simply type this Keyphrase, “Content Writing Course Malaysia” on Google’s search bar, press enter, and you will find us on the first page on Google’s search results. The objective of Digital Marketing is to ideally rank on Google’s first page, and even better if we can be on the top 5 of the search results. As you can see, our school ranks on the first page on Google, this is the ultimate goal of any company or marketing manager to achieve. Once your website shows up on Google’s first page, you have achieved this ultimate goal, and there is nothing left to do afterwards but to maintain this status by writing valuable content on your blog page and posting them on a regular basis. This will help to rank your website high on search engines and also be found easily when people search online, – and this is exactly what you are going to learn in this special course.

As you can see, we are already on Google’s first page, and we are able to show you exactly how we did that so that you too can apply the same strategies to have your website rank high on search engines. You shall be learning some proven techniques and professional Content Writing in order to achieve this. In the end, it is only about Writing that can get your website to rank high on search engines, and to be found by your prospective customers. This is the goal of Content Writing and this is why Google and all Marketing gurus around the world say that, “Writing is the best Digital Marketing strategy”.


The following is the online Course Structure – it is designed for quick dissemination of essential knowledge and simplicity:


Course Structure:

  1. Please watch the Video Lessons
  2. Refer to the slides during the video presentation (only if you need to, or you can read the slide deck after each video lesson)
  3. The slides provide detailed explanations on the subject, and it doubles up as an ebook so that you can refresh your memory later
  4. There are a 15 questions in this course that you will need to answer correctly
  5. You will then be given some Worksheets which are also your Assignment. These Worksheets are a good guide to make sure that you write content in the way it should be written. You may Download them
  6. You can then Submit your Assignment by uploading it within this platform. Please write your content on a Word Document (.docx) and upload it for the instructor to assess your work. You will receive your assessment via email
  7. Upon successful completion of this course, your certificate will be awarded and sent to you via mail (Malaysia only). Your certificate for your course is awarded by the Prestigious School Of Digital Advertising.
  • If you live in any other country and wish to have your certificate mailed to you, it is possible, however, you will have to bear the postage cost.


You may now start your course. Please click the “COMPLETE” button when you have completed each section to move on to the next stage of the course.