Content Writing for Beginners

  • Instructor: Joy Nandy
  • Lectures: 17
  • Quizzes: 1
  • Students: 19
  • Duration: 8 weeks

Better Search Engine Ranking Through Content Writing


After you have attended this Online Content Writing Course, you shall be able to write Content for Websites, Blog Articles, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and Search Engine Optimised (SEO) Copy that shall help your Content rank high on Search Engines to attract sales or engagement.

Developed for beginners, this Online Content Writing Course by the prestigious School Of Digital Advertising Malaysia, will teach you how to write Search Engine Optimised (SEO) content for the internet to promote your products and services successfully, and also to achieve a good ranking on search engines. The course covers the important components of Keywords Research, how to write content that people will read, and how to provide value in your articles that Search Engines love.

This is to make sure that your articles and content is found when people search the internet for the products or services you offer. Content Writing is in-bound marketing, and when you learn to do this well, you can save tons of money on advertising because this is Free Advertising, and a very effective one. It is all in the Writing.We will teach you every tip and secret to excel in Content Marketing through writing. To rank high on Search Engines, it is only about Writing, not coding, as many mistaking believe it to be. This is a big secret that many are yet to discover. Come join us and learn these great secrets and get in the sales or engagement that you desire.

All our courses are developed and taught by experienced Advertising Professionals who truly understand Marketing and Advertising. This special course is designed to provide learners with everything needed to create good and relevant digital marketing content through effective Writing.



The following is this online course’s details:


• Duration: 8 Weeks

• Delivery: Online

• Course Format: Pre-recorded videos & slides

• Worksheets: Provided

• Assignment: Yes 

• Assessment of Assignment: Yes

• Certification: Awarded by the Institution 



Course Content










What You Will Learn In This Course:

There are 4 modules in this course that will give participants a good grasp and understanding of Content Writing as follows:



Google says that Content Marketing is the best way to rank high on its Search Engine, and as the best Digital Marketing strategy. In this module, participants will learn all the required techniques and knowledge to understand how Content Marketing works, along with what is needed to create great content. It will also allow participants to understand the many digitaL marketing platforms to promote products and services that is relevant to their target audiences. Content Marketing is used for in-bound marketing.



This is something that everybody needs to learn. Content Writing is different from Copywriting, and it is the most effective way to market products and services online organically. Content Writing is to promote products and services for Free, whereas, Copywriting is used for paid advertising. Unlike Social Media advertisements, Content Writing involves our websites and blogs, and other forms of digital media for story-telling. It is a longer form of writing copy and is completely different to Copywriting. Again, there are many rules to Content Writing, and a good understanding of how to write good and relevant content shall be revealed in this course. Content Writing is writing for “In-Bound Marketing”, such as, Search Ads, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Blogging and Website Content.



There are a series of objective course questions included within this course to test if you have understood the concepts and lessons discussed.



Participants shall be given a writing assignment to put into practice what has been taught during the course. This is a specially developed assignment that shall guide participants to write good and valuable content that follows all the rules to produce content that converts. This is OPTIONAL.



Many of our past participants appreciate this section very much as individual feedback is given to each participant on her or his assignment. The feedback and recommendations are catered to each participant so that the participant knows exactly where s/he has done well and which areas need improving. It is very effective and well-appreciated by many of our past participants. This is OPTIONAL.



Upon successful completion of this course, you will be awarded with a Certificate from the Prestigious School Of Digital Advertising.


Institution Awarded Online Course Certificate Sample:



Read what others have said about this course. Reviews from participants from Petronas and Sime Darby Property included. These participants attended our classroom-based course, however, we have tried our best to provide the same offline course structure in this online course so that you too can benefit in the same way as our offline students.


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Online students shall receive the same certificate our classroom-based students have received


About the Trainer

The trainer for this course is Joy Nandy (in photos above). He is also the founder of The Prestigious School Of Digital Advertising. Joy Nandy is the Master Trainer of several writing and advertising courses at the School Of Digital Advertising. He is also personally develops courses that are useful for learners. With 30 years of experience in Traditional and Digital Advertising & Marketing, it is the founder’s belief that every effort to market or advertise online shall end with the ability to “write”. It is with this belief that the school and its courses were created, because “Words Sell” and the internet survives on Words. His courses were previously only offered offline, but due to the pandemic, these exclusive courses are now offered online for everyone to access and gain. This is your trainer’s full profile.


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Advertising, Copywriting & Content Writing
Joy Nandy is the Master Trainer of several writing and advertising courses at the Prestigious School Of Digital Advertising. He is also its founder and course developer. He is your online course instructor for this course. With 30 years of experience in Traditional and Digital Advertising & Marketing, it is the founder’s belief that every effort to market or advertise online shall end with the ability to “write”. It is with this belief that the school and its courses were created, because “Words Sell” and the internet survives on Words. He now offers his normally offline courses online for interested learners to access easily. Read the trainer's full profile here - https://www.schoolofdigitaladvertising.com/copywriting-digital-advertising/


  • Uma Gowri

    professional and helpful

    The online learning content for this course was very comprehensive and the videos were really helpful. As we can replay the videos and access them anytime was very convenient. Not to mention the availability to download the worksheets and slides for this cheap price was worth it. The instructor was really helpful in his feedback. He makes sure you understand the course and explains it in a easy way. I am glad I took this course.




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