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Quality online training for individuals & companies

Online Courses Malaysia is developed to help provide quality training to companies and individuals online. Check out some of these proven courses offered by independent and reputed institutions and trainers, and enrol on one today. Get your Certificate of Completion upon successful completion of your course. Don't wait any longer. Enrol today and start preparing for a better future. If you are in Malaysia, these courses are all HRDF claimable.

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Institution Awarded Certificates

Certificates are awarded and issued by the institution or trainer who has offered and conducted the course you have taken. This assures the student or participant that the courses taken online hold the same value and qualification standard as the offline or classroom-based courses.

Classroom Learning Experience Online

The trainers of the courses offered here aim to provide the same classroom experience through their online courses. Students shall be given Worksheets and Assignments within the online course and receive Assignment Assessment by the instructor.

Trusted by companies

Here are some of the many companies who have sent their staff to attend these courses. Now you can attend these exclusive and popular courses online. Simply select and enrol on your course today, and start learning a new skill that can better prepare you for business or career in the future.

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Enrol yourself automatically on a course. Enrolling on a course on OnlineCoursesMalaysia.com is easy, quick, and convenient. In a few minutes, you can start and finish the whole enrolment process in 3 simple steps and start learning.

1. Select Course

Step 1: View and choose the course you wish to learn

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Step 2: Pay fees online conveniently

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Step 3: Start your course online immediately

The Future of Learning Is Online

COVID-19 has shown us that the future of everything, is online. Education and learning have already begun, and it seems, with the new norm, this is here to stay. So go ahead and choose your course today. Learn a new and useful skill today to prepare yourself for the future. The courses offered on OCM are all offline courses that are offered online for the first time. These are courses that have been tested and proven among other learners, as the reviews reveal.

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